Vincent Cartillier

Computer Vision PhD student
Georgia Institute of Technology


Hi, my name is Vincent Cartillier and I'm a 3rd year PhD student advised by Dr. Irfan Essa.

My main research interest lies in developing new computer vision tools to leverage more complex information from images and videos. Images encode a enourmous amount of information of our surrounding world. This is a rich data structure that we, as humans, can easily decode by just looking at the image. Our experience, education, and culture allow us to leverage information that goes even beyond the pixel color itself. We can make up stories based on one image. And those stories can be very different from one person to another. This shows how much information is encoded in just a bunch of pixels. My goal is to go deeper into making computers understand images and videos as we do.
Outside of school, I like to play basketball and soccer. I have been playing basketball in competition for 10 years in France. In the last years I was playing at the JDA Dijon's team. With that team we won the vice champion title of the Burgundy league in 2010.
I also love music, I played the guitar in a band and had three live performances. I have a new band now and we are playing cuban and bolero type of music. Live performance coming soon !!
My new personal project is to make cheese. Let see if I can make a decent camembert...