My first Publication

This is my very first official journal publication! As a kid I was reading this weekly magazine on science named "Science et Vie Decouvertes" (in French). One time there was a rubric on boats along with a challenge to build your own small boat. Kids were then asked to take a picture of the device and send it to the magazine. The journal ranked them and published the best one according to their own set of rules. The boat I built, with a major help from my dad I must say, has a small engine built from an elastic rubber band and an helix made from a can. You would manually turn the helix stretching the rubber band along an axle and then when set loose, the helix would turn back the other way propeling the boat! I was only 8 years old when I built it and I remeber being very proud of seing my construction in the next issue of the magazine!

My first Robot

As a school project in highschool (2010) we built a writting robot. The device (at the top right corner) is fully autonomous. The mechanic is pretty simple. It has a pen set vertically and attached to an electro-magnet allowing to lift the pen off the paper when needed. The device was programmed to write down "20 / 20". Grades are out of 20 in France and we thought having the robot to write the best grade possible would lead the professors to do the same. We indeed ended up getting the full grade on this project!

Soccer title

This is my soccer team in Atlanta. We won in 2021 the championship of the Atlanta sport and social league. I am proud of this team.
Let's go FC frogs!

Basketball years

I played basketball for many years back in France. Here this is my team (black jerseys) in my last season (I am number 15, black, in the middle). That day we played against a team coming from Bulgaria (blue jerseys). My first internatial experience! I always loved basketball. As a kid I had dreams about the NBA. I ended up in the US, although in the research labs, not on the basketball courts.


I play the guitar since I am 14. In 2010 and 2011 I played in a rock ban. We had a few concerts in my highschool and local bars.

When I moved to Atlanta, I found new people to play with. We played latin rythm such as Celia Cruz, Buena Vista Social Club, Bacilos, etc..). Following are a few samples of us playing (sorry for the audio quality, this is recorded using a phone)

Tu no te iras. Inti Illimani.
El surco. Inti Illimani.
Tabaco y Chanel. Bacilos.